The general rules

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The general rules

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:14 pm

Our general rules are presented here. Everyone has to follow them, otherwise, a person who disobeys them, will be baned. If you get more than three bans, you will never be able to use our forum.

The general rules are:

  • You must not post any material without mentioning the original author and giving direct link to his/her official web-page(if such exists).
  • You must use only English language while writing any material, for example posts, comments, signatures etc.
  • You must not use any offensive material, for example images, texts, videos etc. In cases you are not sure whether the material you are going to use is offensive or not, do not post it! Try to find a proper way for presenting your idea.
  • Yo must not post any material that is appropriate only for ages 18+.

These are the general rules and they won't be changed. However, the administration has the right to post additional ones without warning you, though, we will try to inform via message or global post.

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