ARAGO: 6-7th chapters review

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ARAGO: 6-7th chapters review

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 26, 2010 3:07 pm

Both of the chapters are about Ewan's case, or it would be right to tell fake Ewan's case.

We start from the crime that has committed the fake Arago's twin. The plot of the 6th chapter is pretty interesting, because there is a lot of mystery and uncertain things(like Ewan's appearance in front of Rio). Arago has to investigate the drug dealer's case, because the results of autopsy do not match with the version of the drug hallucination and the suicide. It comes out that there is a high possibility of a crime. But who did it? Was it Ewan?

The author gives us an additional plot development in order to solve the problem. The fake Ewan appears in front of Rio who immediately telephones Arago in order to inform him about great news. However, then it turns out that it was a part of the demon's plan who wants Ewan's twin power(the one that he was given by the patch man).

Of course, the ghost doesn't get a thing. And then there is a flirting scene(if I've gotten the idea right) - Rio is trying to seduce Arago. WTF? I mean, what is that for? At a time like that to add romance is the most wrong idea that could visit the author. Seriously, this is ridiculous!

However, in the end of the 7th chapter Rio is captured by the ghost. And this is a nice way to continue, because now there is going to be a fight in the next chapter. And I hope it will be great! Though from now on, I think there are going to be some plot problems due to that flirting. I mean if not to continue the romance relationships between Rio and Arago, then what was the reason for adding that scene?

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