Fairy Tail: 6th chapter review

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Fairy Tail: 6th chapter review

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:08 pm

Finally! The first fight is about to begin.

I mean the first serious fight, because there actually were several battles before(Natsu vs Balkan, for instance), however, they were not as good as I wanted.

But now we have Vanish Brothers in the role of the Natsu's opponents. According to what I've read about them, they are strong enough for the great fight. I guess it is due to the little brother, who has weapon against fire mages.

And I wonder, how can that fat little "boyoyoyo" go through the floors and walls? I mean he's just a politician and not a mage. H-m-m, I guess I'll just have to read more chapters...

Anyway, in addition to the rising action we have lots of hilarious moments, can't even count them Smile.

So, do not miss this chapter.

You can read the 6th chapter on One Manga(to which the images belong).

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