Fairy Tail: 7th chapter review

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Fairy Tail: 7th chapter review

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:16 pm

Man, what a lame fight! At my previous post I've written that there is going to be something great, but I was mistaking Sad

The Vanish Twins do have some skills, for example fire-cooking(that takes magician's fire attack and returns it to the owner). They also have a combined "earth-heaven" strike. However, the twins are totally weak! Natsu survived their every single hit and in the end finished the fight with a single spell. Can we call such a battle cool or amazing? I guess no...

Meanwhile, Lucy reads the stolen book. She has special glasses that increase the reading skills up to 32 times. This is great! To tell the truth, I would not mind to have such glasses. For now, mine only help me see further Razz

Anyway, there is a secret in the book. But, of course not even a word is told about it, because the chapter ends at the most interesting point, as usual Smile

In addition, there are no funny moments Sad

So, I guess the chapter is a fail, not total, but fail Sad

You can read the 7th chapter on One Manga(to which the images belong).

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