Fairy Tail: 10-21st chapters review

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Fairy Tail: 10-21st chapters review

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 26, 2010 4:26 pm

These chapters tell us the story about Lullaby that has an ability to create a melody that causes listeners' death.

At the beginning we meet the new character Erza Scarlet. In my opinion she is simply gorgeous! Erza is very strong, beautiful and has great magic that multiplies armors and weapons. I guess there are also other tricks she can do that haven't been shown to us yet Wink

She asks for the help from Natsu and Gray(as you know they always argue and it turns out that the reason is that Natsu uses fire and Gray ice). That's why Erza had always to pay attention that her allies wouldn't start fighting Smile

Anyway, Erigor(the master of the dark guild Eisanwald) was planning to kill the other guild's masters who had arrived for an annual meeting. Of course, he wasn't able to do that. Natsu had stopped Erigor before he has even reached the meeting's place. You can find there fight in 18th and 19th chapters. This is a real action and isn't just a lame battle like Lucy vs Duke Evaroo(8th chapter).

However, it wasn't an end. Erigor's partner, Kageyama, has managed to capture the Lullaby right after his master's death. Though he got then close enough to the guild's bosses, he didn't use it. I guess his heart is too soft for killing Smile

Anyway, Lullaby started to act on it's own as soon as it realized that no one was going to use it. And it's secret was that inside of it there was a powerful demon that was defeated by Erza, Natsu and Gray.

So, the chapters are really great. I enjoyed the humor and the plot that was light and interesting Moreover, I did like the fights and magicians abilities.

You can read 10-21st chapters on One Manga(to which the images belong).


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