Ao no Exorcist: 5th chapter review

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Ao no Exorcist: 5th chapter review

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:09 am

Nice one, though it is mainly about Shiemi. I think that she isn't that interesting to give her and her fillings almost half of the chapter(my personal opinion) study

Sheimi is trying to find new friends, since Rin has told that he is not friends with her. I guess he didn't mean that, however, Sheimi got everything wrong. Thus, her main goal to make new friends with Kamiki-sun and Paku-sun.

Since Kamiki is nasty and mean, she uses Sheimi as her servant. Though it isn't right, I think Moriyama got the lesson - people like Kamiki are the last ones to make friends with! Evil or Very Mad

I guess I am so touched, because in the past I was in Sheimi's situation Sad

Anyway, as I've written in the beginning, there are also interesting parts. The whole Rin's class has attended to the training camp for the EXWIRE exam. In addition, it will help the pupils to pass the Meister(choosing the profession). It is pretty difficult to describe this details, so I think it would be better to continue with the new magic that is presented on the 10th page.

It is an Art of Sealing, which can be used by a small group of exorcists. For example, in Rin's class such magicians are Sheimi and Kamiki. Though the "nasty girl's" spirits are cooler, Moriyama's can give her any flower she needs. I guess such an ability is much more precious, because it is very useful while healing. scratch

In the end, there is a fight scene. Art of Sealing's teacher used his demon to attack Paku and Rin. However, demon couldn't handle it and escaped(because Rin is too cool geek ). Let's see what happens next!

You can read the 5th chapter on One Manga(to which the images belong).


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