Fairy Tail: 22-24th chapters review

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Fairy Tail: 22-24th chapters review

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:23 am

I've got a bit frustrated due to the 22nd chapter. It begins with a fight between Erza and Natsu, which I've been expecting since the 10th chapter. However, everything ended up with a stupid frog that took the strongest woman to the jail. Well, maybe Erza isn't the coolest among other women, but I just like her too much. Rolling Eyes

An additional thing that makes her even more great as a character, is that she has some mysterious relationships with Sieglein. affraid

Anyway, the most stupid and funniest thing is Natsu trying to save his opponent. As usually, he destroys the Council's place and gets to the jail, as well. However, their punishment was only a formality. See by yourselves at 23rd chapter. lol!

The 24th chapter ends up with Natsu stealing a contract from the 2nd floor. As it is written, only the strongest among the magicians can pick up jobs there. I guess someone is going to get in a big trouble. No

You can read 22-24th chapter on One Manga(which the images belong to). Enjoy!!! cheers

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