Lebanon: Russia is going to sell 10 Mi-24

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Lebanon: Russia is going to sell 10 Mi-24

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:12 pm

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According to Haaretz, Russia is going to sell to Lebanon 10 attack helicopters, Mi-24(more information on Wikipedia).

I, personally, have a very bad feeling about such deals. Israel's neighbors who don't act as peacefully as we would want, continue to buy more and more various weapons. It may actually threaten our lives here, since there is no stable peace. I keep asking myself why do other countries allow such businesses? In my opinion, money is money, but people's lives are much more important! Mad

Why can't Russia, for instance, stop selling weapons and help us out reaching a normal compromise which will suit both Israel and it's neighbors? Come on, there are a lot of Russian citizens here, after all. We should be a really good partners who help each other. Is it right for the country to leave it's children without any protection? Man, when I used to live in Rostov(Russia) as a child, I didn't realize that my country could make such stupid actions. Exclamation

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