Israel: Does Iran wants us(Israel) to attack itself?

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Israel: Does Iran wants us(Israel) to attack itself?

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:36 pm

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I've read an interesting article on Haaretz. It is about Iran's uranium. Arrow

According to New-York Times, Iran has taken out more then 2 tons of enriched uranium. My first reaction was WTF? affraid

Iranian authorities keep telling that they intend to use it as an energy for their hospitals and so on. Well, maybe. But I doubt that 2 tons isn't enough for a long period of time. While they are producing and enriching more and more of this dangerous material, I wonder whether they do it for making sure that there will be enough of it in the future, or they are planning to create a kick-a** atomic bomb. Twisted Evil

Anyway, the question was why did Iran take out it's atomic resources from the hide-out? As it seems to me, none of the theories about attacking or showing off are right. I may agree with those who claim that it is due to the lack of underground space. However, I do believe that the right version is that Iran has something else, that is much more powerful. It simply doesn't want other to notice this fact. That's why it shows a huge amount of uranium. scratch

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