Observational killer in Gaza Strip

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Observational killer in Gaza Strip

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:57 pm

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According to Haaretz's article that was posted on 3|03|10, there is a new killing technology that will be used in Gaza Strip.

It's main features are:
  • A long distance cover.
  • Use of video cameras in order to detect the terrorists and other Palestinian people.
  • The machines are controlled by several 18-19 years olds.

What a stupid step! How could our authorities accept that? affraid

First of all, how can killing machines be controlled by 18-19 years olds? It is unacceptable! Let's assume that they are normal people and have passed each exam with a good grade in order to be accepted for this job. Does it make them older? Do they obtain the necessary reaction, skills and experience in order to detect whether the approaching man/woman/child is a terrorist or not? I claim that the answer is no. Exclamation

Teens who has reached 18 are still teens and can't be that good in deciding who should be killed. I think that it is necessary to put soldiers with a reach experience and who have passed through a lot in front of these cameras. Only they have the skills to detected the terrorists and shoot them using the new technology. silent

Second of all, is it the right way to reach the peace with Palestinians? Again, I claim that the answer is no. It will bring us nothing good, using the new killing technology, since Gaza Strip locals will hate us even more. scratch

What on earth is going on? We need to talk and use diplomacy and not to shoot each other...

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