ARAGO: 1st chapter review

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ARAGO: 1st chapter review

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:37 pm

This series seems great, really. It has a lot of action and mystery, which makes it very interesting.

So, we meet two twins Arago and Ewan(whose parents were killed by a maniac). Though they are twins, they are totally different, except the goal to revenge(to kill the Patchman, the one who attacked their parents).

However, as I said they are not alike, thus each one of them went his own road to manage killing the bastard.

Arago decided simply to chase the Patchman. He has been to various cities and places, but could not succeed. Every time he got closer to the maniac, he lost him.

Ewan went to the police, hoping that one day he will be able to catch the Patchman, tough he got little from this as well.

Anyway, after twins meet again after a long time they have to face the Patchman who has decided to come back. There is a rough fight in which Ewan dies and Arago gets new abilities that are of course more then the normal human's.

Oh, by the way, due to Ewan's death Arago keeps his promise and becomes policeman, as well.

So, I enjoyed reading this chapter. You can read the 1st chapter on One Manga(to which the images belong).

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