ARAGO: 3rd chapter review

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ARAGO: 3rd chapter review

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:22 pm

What a sad meeting Sad

When Arago went to Ewan's grave, he met Rio. She is his childhood friend whom he did not see for 15 years. Though they have not met for a long time, Rio acts rough in front of Arago. I guess there are two main reasons: she is upset because of Ewan's death(she even wanted to be his wife) and she is angry at Arago due to his teasing when they were children. You could tell that Rio is a selfish woman, yet beautiful Wink

Anyway, there is a new enemy. Of course, it is a ghost. And it's task is to kill people and transfer their souls to hell. The "Ghost Carriage" makes it in a strange way, though. It possesses some bus driver's body and when the vehicle is full, it crashes into a wall with it. Guess it likes the adrenaline that it receives while crashing. However, I do think it would be more effective not to die every time and try to bomb some building or, at least, to crash into another bus :-o

So, as you can guess one of the next victims is going to be Rio. And the savior is going to be :-P

You can read the 3rd chapter on One Manga(to which the images belong).

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