Jewish people will not be allowed to enter United Arab Emirates

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Jewish people will not be allowed to enter United Arab Emirates

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:15 pm

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On Monday(01|03|10) I've read on Haaretz an interesting article, where it was written that Dubai's police chief, general Dahi Halfan a Tamim, said that anyone who was thought as Jew, would not be able to enter United Arab Emirates. Evil or Very Mad

Though I don't really care about U.A.E, I think this is a mistake.

On the one hand, it will affect economics. I've spent in Israel already more than three years and I can tell that it's locals like a lot to travel to U.A.E, mainly to Dubai. They like the hotels and other places for tourists. Several friends of my parents used to go there annually.

However, I believe that from now on, everything will change. It seems to me that Dubai's police chief statement will cause fear and negative relationships from Israel's tourists. Even if he will pardon, people won't visit U.A.E, anyway. scratch

On the other hand, Palestinians and other Arabic neighbors claim that they are much stronger than we are. But Dahi Halfan's statement show for sure the opposite side, it simply reveals the fear of Israel capabilities.

I think that both of these reasons show that Dahi Halfan isn't right and he has made an improper political step. We have to be in peace and not to post bans that has nothing common with it. It is pity that both Israel and U.A.E can't find the right way that will lead us to the proper consensus.

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